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Ringwood Tyres and Batteries

Even in budget form there’s lots of budget tyres. You can buy very cheap tyres, which come from China.

The problem with them is they come and go, you cannot get the same tyre a few weeks later.

The quality varies enormously and its often a false economy as the tread depth may only be 6mm.

We use Accelera range of tyres as our budget tyre as they cover the whole range and the quality is closer to the branded tyres. The tread depth is 8mm and the compound has reasonable grip.

One of the problems of the very cheap tyres is that rubber compounds can be hard, so in effect it takes longer to stop.

The major branded tyres will give you more grip and last longer, but for everyday usage running around the Forest and the pot holes of Ringwood, a good budget tyre will do the job.

I have customers who regularly get 30,000 miles out of a set of Accelera tyres.


We stock a wide range of batteries at our Ringwood Depot, but if you need something unusual we can normally get for within a working day.

We have batteries all makes of vehicles including Petrol and Diesel Cars/Vans.Suitable for both Manuals and Automatics

  • A.M Autos will check your current car battery for free.
  • We will recycle your old car battery foryou.
  • We have a large range, type, voltage
  • Extensive Guarantees on all car batteries
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