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Air Conditioning

Being fully qualified air conditioning engineers for cars and vans, we are able to undertake repairs to air con systems and fully conversant with the latest regulations, which basically means you are not allowed to expel into the atmosphere any more.

An air con service involves draining down the system, vaccuming down which is very important.

You need to draw all the water moisture out of the system, that’s the most important thing, so you need a good 30 minutes of vacuum down time.

Obviously when you vacuum down for 30 minutes you’ve taken the oil out as well so you then have to replace the oil in the system and the gas at the same time.

We always put a leak testing dye in so if ever you do get a leak in the future, we’d be able to spot in easily.

Most garages charge extra for the leak detection dye, that’s one thing I don’t. I put it in there so in the future if you get a leak, we can find it easily.

Using an infra-red light, you can spot it, it glows like Illuminous material. You can actually see where it comes from.

If you don’t do that, you can regas your customer's vehicle and a few months later, they will be back with no gas and you haven't a clue where it's gone.

You should have your air con serviced every 3 years.

You will use more fuel if you use your air-con obviously because it’s quite a draw on the engine. But if you have your service every 3 years, they will last quite a while.

If you lose your gas, it will stop anyway once the pressure drops. Its designed to stop the pump from working so it doesn’t damage the pump.

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