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About A.M Autos

I was 16, when I got my first car, a Ford Cortina mk1 1500cc which I replaced the engine with a more powerful 1600GT.

We did the car up, jacked it up a bit and put in all the bits & pieces complete with furry dice. The next car was a Mark 1 Escort. I knew I always loved cars and anything with an engine.

I started my apprenticeship at Matchams garage in Ringwood, working for the Pickard family in 1978. We had lots of cars from Avon Castle, so we worked on Mercedes, Porches, Rolls-Royces and lots of other lovely cars.

Mr Pickard retired and after a spell working in Lytchett Matravers,
I set up on my own in 1990 and eventually moved my garage back into the Ringwood area.

We are a well know family with 5 generations living in Ringwood starting with my grandfather, who lived here all his life.

We moved into our current unit in Ringwood Trading estate in 2002.

Anything to do with engines still excites me and anything to do with speed whether it’s on water, a jet ski, a race car, or a hot rod.

It's just in your blood and there’s nothing you can do about it. I tried to stop racing, but I just started again.

Obviously there will come a time that I can’t do it any more, but until then I’ll carry on. I just love it.

That is the interest you know. It’s not just my car, its other people’s as well. I’m just as happy for other people who have lovely cars and I get the chance to fix them.

Alan Milford, Owner of A.M.Autos

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