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Fully Trained Mechanics not Fitters

"We can actually repair things. Other garages just fit new parts, but we are all fully trained mechanics. As mechanics we understand cars, we are petrol heads, so we can fix things like we do on our own cars. This can save the customer time and money, and get them back on the road quicker.

Being a family business with my son, daughter and nephew involved, we all know each other and support each other.

So the knowledge and our experience is shared, and the customer gets the benefit of everybody’s knowledge and skill."

Alan Milford
Owner of A.M. Autos, Ringwood

New Gearbox cover or a repair and a holiday?

Fixing an exhaustWe've repaired all sorts of things on a car including door locks. A recent example is a lady came in with all leak from a gear box with a plastic cover. Believe it or not the plastic cover had rubbed through the metal cover of the gear box letting all her oil out. She was hoping to get away on holiday that day, so we took the end cover off, cleaned it, welded the plate round the split in the gear box cover, and then put it back together. An hours labour and some gear oil, She was actually on her way on holiday.

This is another example of a repair that will last rather than buying an expensive gear box part, probably costing a few hundred pounds and a couple of days wait for the part to arrive.

Exhaust systems don't always need replacing

Sometimes if it is still in very good condition,it can be repaired. It may be fractured in one place, so we can sometimes put a sleeve over it and weld it.

We have got welding equipment here, if it is a simple repair it may cost about £20 to £30. A new exhaust system could cost between £200 to £250 if you need to replace the catalytic converter. It’s quite a big saving and would still probably last another year, maybe 2 years.

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